About Us

Who We Are

Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational Christian organization, focusing on evangelism and discipleship in over 190 countries around the world. Our mission is “to win people to Christ, build them in their faith, and send them out to win, build and send others.”


Experiencing Christ in Gospel-Centered
communities at Auburn and around the World

Core Values

Become like Christ
It is our goal for everyone involved in our ministry to grow in spiritual maturity and to ultimately become more like Christ. In our experience, two of the most important factors in this process are: Experiencing Christ and being Gospel-centered.

Impact Your Community
As the Gospel continues to transform us more into the image of Christ, we become more equipped to be an agent in bringing about transformation amongst our peers and areas of influence. Two ways that we work toward making this a reality are: by being Relationally Drive and having an Outward-focused ministry.

Change the World
We believe that the same Gospel that transforms our lives and communities is powerful enough to actually change the world. As a result of this belief, two characteristics of our ministry are: Reaching campus leaders and leadership groups and having a Global-focus with a special emphasis on pioneering and the strategic cities of the world (Romans 15:20)

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